The Ashland Firehouse Theater opened its doors in December, 2009 in the renovated front bay of the former home of the Ashland Fire Department on Duncan Street.  The first film shown was “It’s a Wonderful Life”, and it was a wonderful start to what we hope will be a beloved addition to the town of Ashland and beyond — a place for people to gather to enjoy great entertainment, and most importantly, each other.

Our Mission:

  • To serve Hanover County by providing intelligent, thought-provoking and family-oriented films, and a venue for live entertainment, lectures, and fine arts education.
  • To encourage, through these events, active communication, socialization, and the exchange of ideas within the Hanover community
  • To become, by providing first-class entertainment on a regular, on-going basis, an economic stimulus for Ashland and its business community
  • To offer a venue for the Hanover County School System that would provide educational opportunities to students through the use of film (movies, documentaries, etc.) as well as  other forms of art and culture.
  • To provide a venue for use by local civic organizations, businesses, non-profits, schools, etc. to produce and present a variety of productions and events
  • To develop, in the long term, the FIREHOUSE (or a replacement venue) as a “Cinema & Performing Arts Center” for Ashland and  Hanover County

— The Ashland Community Theater Foundation